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The real India live in villages’, this saying is as true today as it was when the country got
independence 65 years back. As more than half of the population of the country lives in villages,
rural development is an eminent factor for the development of our economy. The crucial
motivating factor for the development of the economy in today’s time is education. Like in the
body of human being liver is responsible for the proper functioning of the body, in the same
way education acts a backbone for the economy. To explore this significant role of education in
India especially in rural India, this paper tries to explain the present condition of rural education,
rural education v/s urban education failures and problems being faced by the rural education. It
also focused the various initiatives been taken by the government and some of the suggestions
for improving the education system in rural or remote areas.

Present scenario of rural education in India

Right to Education is the primary right of every citizen of
India, whether a child resides in a high profile society or in a far
away not so developed secluded village. In India, condition of
rural education is still improving, the conditions of these rural
schools is still very poor. There are very few schools in the
rural areas and children have to travel far away distances to
avail these facilities and most schools in these locations do
not provide drinking water. The quality of education is also
very poor. The teachers get very less income so, most of the
time the teachers are either absent or they do not teach properly.
Schools in rural areas are promoted to raise the level of
education and literacy in rural India. The main aim of running
these types of schools in India is to increase the rates of literacy
in rural areas. More than 40 per cent of India’s population is
illiterate and cannot read or write.

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